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Drill 1

Spiderwalk Against Wall

  • Do a spiderwalk against the wall (belly to the wall) 

  • Try to get as close to the wall as you can with a tight body position

15-20 seconds (Flippers)

20-35 seconds (Junior Bronze/Senior Bronze)

35-55 seconds (Silver)

55-70 seconds (Gold)

Drill 2

Pike Drag Up w/Forward Roll

  • Have a slider or paper plate available to use.

  • Start in a push up position with good shape

  • Place your toes on the slider or plate.

  • Using your abdominal muscles, pull your feet towards you hands, dragging them across the floor. Maintain straight legs.

  • When you get to a pike position, tuck your head to look at your belly and complete a forward roll. *This action is for strong shoulders and learning the correct vertical position. It will also help you with your handstand forward roll!

  • If you feel that you do not have enough control to do the forward roll safely you can do the move without the forward roll. SAFETY is most important!

  • Repeat 12 times

Drill 3

Shoulder Flexibility Drill 

  • Lay on your back and try to get as much of your arm down to the floor as you can. 

  • Hold for 10 seconds.

  • Flip to your stomach and lift up your arms, trying to keep them narrow (close to your head, behind your ears) and straight. 

  • Hold for 10 seconds.

  • Repeat both parts for a total of 3 times on back, 3 times on stomach

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