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Drill 1

Spiderwalk Against Wall

  • Do a spiderwalk against the wall (belly to the wall) 

  • Try to get as close to the wall as you can with a tight body position


15-20 seconds (Flippers)

20-35 seconds (Junior Bronze/Senior Bronze)

35-55 seconds (Silver)

55-70 seconds (Gold)

Drill 2

Handstands onto Panel Mat

  • Stand next to a folded panel mat.

  • Kick up to a handstand with your hands on the mat.

  • Try to get to vertical and keep good body position (head in, ribs down, tail tucked, butt squeezed, hips forward, OPEN shoulders)

  • Land in a strong lunge maintaining your straight position the entire time.

  • Repeat 15 times.

  • **If you don’t have a panel mat, you can do the handstands on the floor.

Drill 3

Open Shoulder Push Up HOPS

  • Get in an open shoulder push-up position.

  • Try to HOP your body forwards 5x, then backwards 5x, then sidewards 5x (both sides) (this full series counts as ONE set)



5 times (Flippers) 

10 times (Junior Bronze/Senior Bronze/Silver)

15 times (Gold)

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