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Drill 1

Drill 2

Open Shoulder Push Up Walking

  • Get in an open shoulder push up position

    • Walk your body forwards 5x 

    • Walk your body backwards 5x

    • Walk your body sideways 5x

    • Walk your body sideways 5x (other direction)

  • ​Repeat until you've done the entire sequence 3 times

​Relevé Hold

  • Repeat 6x or until you've held it three times for 10 seconds without wobbling!

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Drill 3

Drill 4

Weighted Arm Lift


  • Hold the water bottles or weights, one in each hand with your arms down by your thighs

  • With your knees slightly bent, raise your arms over your head

  • Lower your arms down slowly back to your thighs

Follow the chart for your group

Flippers - 2 sets of 8

Junior Bronze - 2 sets of 10

Senior Bronze - 3 sets of 10

Silver - 3 sets of 12

Gold - 3 sets of 15


No weights today!

Increase your hold by 5 seconds!


Spiderwalk Against Wall

  • Do a spiderwalk against the wall (belly to the wall) 

  • Try to get as close to the wall as you can with a tight body position

10-15 seconds (Flippers)

15-30 seconds (Junior Bronze/Senior Bronze)

30-50 seconds (Silver)

50-65 seconds (Gold)

Drill 5

Lunge, T, Lunge

  • Start in a strong lunge with arms by ears, shoulders behind ears.

  • Lift the back leg, hold arms in place, and shift your body into a T position. HOLD parallel to ground.  You should not be able to see your arms, but eyes may be able to peak fingers.

Wobbles break your T and don’t count!

  • Return to strong lunge, holding the straight line

  • Hold T for 2 seconds (Flippers), 2-5 seconds (Junior Bronze), 5-10 seconds (Silver), 7-10 (Gold)


Drill 6

Save the Handstand

  • Kick up to a handstand and when you feel yourself falling either forwards or backwards, try to save it at least once.  If you can save it more than once keep going!

  • Set a timer for 3 minutes and keep trying!

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