Introduction to gymnastics. Students will build confidence, strength, balance, & coordination, while developing with progression skills.


Monday 5:30-6:10pm, Tuesday 6:00-6:40pm, Wednesday 6:00-6:40pm, Thursday 5:00-5:40pm,   OR Saturday 11:20-12:00pm

40 minutes - $75 monthly
One class per week
Ages 6-7
40 minutes - $75 monthly
One class per week
Ages 8+

An introductory to intermediate level for gymnasts with challenging exercises and strength conditioning. For new gymnasts with little or no previous experience. 


Monday 6:00-6:40pm, Tuesday 6:30-7:10pm, Wednesday 5:00-5:40pm, OR Thursday 6:30-7:10pm

40 minutes - $75 monthly
One class per week
Minimum age 7
2 years as Flips Jumper or evaluation required.

An intermediate to advanced level (with previous experience) for gymnasts to enhance strength, and new challenging skills. Minimum of Age 7; gymnasts must have completed minimum of 2 years of introductory level and evaluation required by director.


Saturday 9:30 - 10:10am

BOYS Warrior Ninja
40 minutes - $75 monthly
One class per week
Minimum age 5

An all level class designed for boys to enhance strength and embark on new challenging skills. Classes will focus on gymnastics skills and events  with fun and challenging ninja-style obstacles. Minimum of Age 5.


Monday 5:00-5:40pm OR Wednesday 6:30-7:10pm 

boys gymnastics.jpg

Beginning Tumbling

30 minutes - $50 Monthly

One class per week

Minimum Age 6

September - December 



Beginning Tumbling is a beginner level class for everyone with interest in tumbling!  With exciting stations and fun strength conditioning, this group will learn basic to intermediate tumbling skills with success.  Beginning Tumbling runs September through December.  

Saturday 9:45 - 10:15am


Non-Recital Classes

30 Minutes - Preschool Ages

40 Minutes - Youth / Older Ages

One class per week

Various Ages

March- May




A non-recital class designed for beginner to intermediate gymnasts with exciting stations and fun strength conditioning, Gymnasts in this class do not participate in our spring recital performance.  

Monday 7:00-7:40pm "Youth" Ages 6-8

Wednesday 7:00-7:40pm "Older" Ages 9+

Saturday 9:45-10:15am "Preschool" Ages 3.5-5.5