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She Simply "Flips" Over Her Vocation

Every other week, the Bristol Observer will be heading out into the community to put a spotlight on local businesses to find out what makes them tick. History: Erin Walsh has been teaching gymnastics since 1995, and has been a gymnast her entire life, so it was an easy decision to open up her own gymnastics facility. Walsh opened up Flips Gymnastics Center on Farmington Avenue in June, and already plans to expand her facility. Though a timeline isn’t set yet, Walsh said she plans to soon occupy the vacant former property of Stately Floors on Riverside Avenue. “I’m going to be expanding to accommodate more school-aged kids,” Walsh said, adding she needs a larger building and height so more students can attend the center. This summer Walsh served about 50 students, and said she offers private lessons, group sessions, Zumba classes for adults and children, drop in classes, birthday parties, and more. “It has pretty much exploded since I opened,” she said, as three more students because registered for the fall session.

Why Flips Gymnastics Center? Because of her extensive background in the sport, Walsh is able to provide a high-quality level of teaching and training to her gymnast students. She began working as a gymnastics teacher when she was 15-years-old, and has been doing it ever since. She has worked in other gyms, and has coached teams who have won numerous state and regional championships. “I just have a passion for it,” she said about gymnastics. At Flips, students can be part of a wide variety of classes. There are classes for babies and toddlers, and children who are 3-years-old and up. With her new facility, she said she will be able to accommodate even more students who are older, with the hopes of potentially having a competitive team. She said her facility is one where students come to learn new skills and gain confidence. “It gives the students the opportunity to learn new skills without being in a highly competitive atmosphere,” she said, adding gymnasts need to be mentally, physically and emotionally ready for competition. “The ultimate goal is to let my students know that competition is eventually possible, and shouldn’t be intimidating,” she said, “but a fun and healthy environment.”

What she loves about her job: “I love gymnastics, and I love teaching it,” Walsh said, adding that she enjoys the variety of skills learned, and different techniques used in the sport. “There is just so much to do, your potential is endless,” she said. She also enjoys teaching her students because of the look they have when they enjoy something as much as she does. “It’s just exciting,” she added.

Contact: Address: 1019 Farmington Ave., Bristol Telephone: (860) 707-9774 Website:

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